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About UsMONVELI is a brand that’s Philosophy and Principle Centered, reminding everyone that clothes don’t define you and shouldn’t define you.

But your style conveys such a powerful way on who you are and what you stand for. To dress for yourself and for your own enjoyment, to have fun and make you feel good about yourself, but understand that with the right style , you can speak volume without uttering a word. One reality about fashion is the fact that trends are constantly changing. It will pass and evolve but enjoy the now with it.
This brand is the celebration of unorthodox. A homage to powerful, stylish and empowered Men and Women.

Our Brand

MONVELLI has three C’s philosophy when it comes to fashion that answers the client’s questions, “Am I Comfortable? Do I feel Confident? Is it Cute?

Our Vision

To be a source of inspiration and accessible style, a platform for both Fast Fashion and Classic Aesthetics, to bring you thoughtfully handpicked items from all over the globe to match your personal style. Our goal is for next year, MONVELLI will be available for Men.

Our Mission

Everything woven, tweed, knitted and fringed is stitching it’s way to your wardrobes.
Our brand aims to provide pieces that encapsulates someone’s grace and glamour, A nostalgic accoutrement of beautiful classic pieces, all in fine silhouettes.
A combination of laid back casual, sensual, and chic. To provide simple, well cut, but with major extravagance.

MONVELLI aims to provide the Youth, Fashion Enthusiasts, Sophisticated Working and Career Men and Women an idea of dressing the body, to be put together and to present your best self to the world. This is for someone who deserves to indulge themselves in something well-made.

This is for YOU.

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